Boardman ATT 9.2 Time Trial Bike Inspection Integration’s regulation states that the time trial bicycles are the toughest to tinker with. There is a sublaw that decides a connection between amount and the cost tag of watts. It needs to be obvious that line chart correlates. The Boardman ATT 9.2 stays around a third way up the scale. It is a sheet of rate weaponry that easy to live with, boasting.

on Sep 15, 2017

Boardman ATT 9.2 framework

Boardman as a new invests in technology and innovation. Hour record holder and time trial world champion Chris Boardman Using a end tunnel for usage.

The ATT and TTE bicycles are divided. The ATT is the two’s cheaper, using a framework instead of 2,399 arriving in at 1,399.

The ATT framework is far from a slouch, although the excellence of the TTE comes from a greater degree of integration.

Constructed from topend Boardman C10 carbon, the framework was created using computational fluid dynamics (analyzing the manner liquid or gas travels within a surface), windtunnel and realworld testing. Just check up on best road bike pump if you need more details on bike pump with presta adapter.

Boardman ATT framework features excursion tech and was wind tunnel tested

The 9.2 ATT we analyzed features Boardman’s Aerodynamic Surface Trip technology. This tube shape technology waits the point at thus cutting down the size of drag and its own aftermath.

The ATT features exactly the exact same completely integrated fork and brake platform as its topend TTE brothers; the seat post adjustment is situated in the upper tube and covered by a rubber seal and wires are tidied away to a junction box only behind the stem, keeping them outside the way.

Boardman ATT cables evaporate in the framework

The geometry is competitive. The XXS was analyzed by us using a stack/reach of 483mm/375mm, which is similar and lower than a Specialized Shiv and longer to a Trek Speed Idea.

A steepish headset angle (72) and short wheelbase (948mm) all add up to a framework which sits closer to the ‘racy’ end of this scale, with a lesser emphasis on equilibrium.

Boardman provides a women’s version, in this case but could be known as an XS.


Boardman’s direct revenue implies it can provide fairly stellar assembles for a surprisingly great price tag.The 9.2 comes in at 2,299 withUltegra brake levers.

The chainset is a double 53/39 on the trunk using a closeratio 1225 tape.

Suitable narrow and double ratio tape on the Boardman ATT

It Normal for time trial and triathlon bikes To come specced using a chainsets.

That could make sense to get a bike that is going to be utilized for a number of the sporting fashion paths made by race seekers. However, Boardman includes a history in ‘proper time trials’ — number for an cup of tea and all in return — and the set up that is gearing is put on. Nobody demands a compact to get a double carriageway.

The wheels are TRP a small letdown, for quitting to get a midflow, but they nearly match my level of excitement.

ISM saddle specced around the Boardman ATT

The ISM saddle Is an addition — the perches are popular on the TT scene and they are great for anyone.

Zipp is come in by the bottom bar, but is. Ditto for your Boardman Air Elite 5 wheels in 25c.

The ride

I rode this bike into a 25 mile TT PB of 56:03 — a slice off a PB of 01:00:36. That is that out the way and it is well worth taking into consideration that I had done quite a lot riding because the past ‘course’ effort along with the class in question loves a slope start that is substantial.

The bike was shown to be quick on a dual carriageway.

The place of said class — South Wales — supposed I completed lots of riding to case cresting the lumpy slopes round the shore.

Noticeable was the frame’s stiffness. Power transfer felt much more effective than in my standing ‘faithful’. The bicycle adored flat out, directly road attempts and I loved riding them.

Surges were become excuses for by short climbs along with the ride quality came alive when the hills were supporting me and the road flattened out.

Rubber cover retains the seat post adjustment

The bicycle was tested by me on some lanes and on a sporting class. I was cornering and descending on it. This may in part be down to really the form of the foundation bar and the geometry adding into a encounter that is stable. The lanes can be handled by the bicycle, but it did not feel as though they had been its playground.

I updated to a deepsection option, and utilized the wheels that were specced for club events and training rides. The Boardman brakes are sufficient for coaching, and also you could race them whilst you stored your pennies — but they are less stiff, mild or end cheating for a pair of carbon brakes as well as the Vittoria tyres felt a bit.

Bar installation is likely to be an process on any brand new TT bike.

The Zipp extensions were so long that I chose between whacking at myself and not having the ability to get to the shifters. When purchasing online it is well worth factoring to have this sorted, A chopjob sorted.

Zipp base pub was fairly simple to correct Visit finest motorcycle frame pump if you’re interested in bicycle pump with electronic gauge.

I rode the bicycle one spacer from slammed — for making a fit that was more competitive, that does not leave space. That stated, a stem that is negative can sort you out if need be. There is a lot of room for adjustment.

The brakes are hidden when it is time to make 23, with removable covers that may be unbolted. The bolts are made from a metal, they are simple so care has to be taken to round out.

The brake is concealed, including to aerodynamics. But this does mean it is not simple to adjust the brake immediately prior to an occasion — resulting in a heartstopping moment once I discovered it rubbing T2mins to begin (whacked it into place — works every time).


The Boardman ATT 9.2 conveys Ultegra spec — using a sniff of Dura Ace — also comes in at a price range where many others comprise 105. Touches like the ISM saddle include a cherry on top.

An time trial system using wind tunnel and an framework testing to back up its aero attributes. Races nicely out the box but bottom and wheel pub updates could change this meaning it.

C10 Carbon, Boardman TT

Carbon, Boardman T9Tapered Steerer

5339, Shimano Ultegra 6800

Shimano Ultegra 6800

Shimano Ultegra 6800

Dura Ace lever, TRP Integrated

1225, Shimano 105

FSA Team Issue

ISM Adamo Road

Zipp Vuka Alumina

Boardman Elite Alloy

Boardman Elite TT Carbon

Boardman Air Elite Five